How Remote Psychiatry Services Will Help Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a common condition that impacts millions of people, but its severity can vary. Fortunately, psychiatry can greatly improve anxiety for most people, even if accessing these services is a bit difficult. Remote psychiatry can be great for patients with anxiety, and here are a few reasons why that’s the case.

Social Fears

Anxiety comes in many forms, but many people with the condition have some level of social anxiety. This is anxiety that is caused by the prospect of social situations as well as actual social situations. The fear of interacting with another person can prevent people from ever initiating contact with strangers. For many people with social anxiety, the internet era has allowed them to make connections with others that they never would have otherwise forged. Removing the physical component of talking with other people greatly reduces anxiety in many people. With that in mind, it’s no wonder why remote psychiatry services can help a person with social anxiety. Most people with extreme social anxiety want help but are unable to initiate it as a result of their condition. Setting up an appointment online is easy and efficient, making even the most anxious person feel more at ease. With online psychiatry, socially anxious people are afforded the care they deserve and need. Medications can be prescribed by psychiatrists via online sessions, and follow-up appointments can also be conducted online. If your relationship with your psychiatrist develops and you wish to meet in person, that’s an option too. Socially anxious people should not have to move so far from their comfort zones when finding care, and that’s where online psychiatry services excel.

Issues of Access

People with anxiety may be comfortable leaving the home but may otherwise have trouble physically getting to appointments. Too anxious to drive in the snow and worried about scheduling an appointment on a day with bad weather? Maybe you live in a rural area and getting to the office is just too long of a drive, even on a good day. Instead of missing out, schedule an online consultation with a psychiatrist. Social anxiety factors in here too when it comes to transportation. Public transportation can be difficult for people with anxiety, making it difficult to get to your appointment at all. With online services, our patients can receive excellent care without the added pressure of planning a commute.


Planning, scheduling, and coordinating care are not always an anxious person’s strong suit. Why should getting care for your anxiety add to your worries? Online psychiatry is simple, and that’s a huge plus for many people. Add a reminder to your phone, click a Zoom link, and you’re connected with your psychiatrist in no time. There are many things in life that a person with anxiety cannot just make simpler, but online psychiatry services can do just that. In addition to being easier, online psychiatry is generally a bit more cost effective than in-person psychiatry, though by how much can depend on the services rendered. Making things easier can go a long way in making an anxious person feel more comfortable and therefore more prepared for their visits. In many, this simplicity leads to better results.

Online psychiatry is a growing field that can provide a great deal of relief for people with anxiety. Interested in learning more, or are you ready to schedule an online consultation? Give the professionals at SOL Mental Health a call or submit an online request here.

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