Why Do People Seek Therapy?

Therapy Can Be Beneficial to Many People


It’s Not Limited to ‘Extreme’ Cases


Therapy can be highly beneficial for many people, and there are various reasons why people decide to go. However, some may be under the impression that therapy is only for a specific group of people they don’t fit into. This is not the case. Let’s look at common reasons people attend therapy and why it may serve you well.

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health disorders; for some, anxiety can significantly impact their daily lives. Ongoing anxiety can even lead to other struggles, such as depression or struggles with sleep. Even if you don’t have an anxiety disorder, you’ve likely experienced feelings of stress or anxiety, which have the potential to be alleviated by therapy. A mental health professional is equipped with the right tools to help you manage the stress and anxiety that impact you. They can help you identify what causes your stress, work out a plan to handle it from there, and build healthy coping mechanisms. Whether you have a big interview coming up, experience stress around family members, or are struggling with a different source of anxiety, speaking with a therapist could help immensely in improving your mood and daily functioning.


Like anxiety, depressive disorders are also very common. Depression can impact your life in other ways, including your work, relationships, and appetite. Your therapist can help you express your emotions and discover methods for improving your daily life. This may or may not include medication, which a psychiatrist would prescribe; but it will be up to you to discover with your mental health professional the right treatment plan. We recognize that every individual benefits from different techniques, and while medication may be beneficial for some, it may not be necessary for others. Wherever you are, we will meet you there.

Grief and Loss

Many of us will face grief and loss at some point. It can be very challenging to manage these situations and to move forward after losing our loved ones. Grief may not even relate to death but rather the end of a relationship or job loss. Therapy can be a great tool to utilize in any of these situations. Remember that even though we all face these types of life events, the ways we heal can vary. Your mental health provider is there to listen and help you as you navigate these difficult moments and beyond.


Post-traumatic stress disorder is something that can persist for years after a traumatic event has occurred. It can lead to symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, and anxiety. Therapy can help you further process the event and how it has impacted your life while creating a plan to manage your symptoms and create healing moving forward.

These are just a few of the areas in which therapy can help a wide range of people. If you are struggling with your mental health, contact us at SOL Mental Health. We are happy to help you with various struggles, including anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD, etc. We offer an array of services to treat people with a variety of struggles. Don’t be afraid to try out therapy!

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