How to Avoid Growing Apart in a Long-Term Relationship

When you’re in the honeymoon phase of a relationship, it can be hard to imagine that those butterflies might fade. However, long-term relationships evolve. As you and your partner change as people, it might take some extra effort to keep that spark alive. Here are some tips to avoid growing apart in a long-term relationship while maintaining your mental and behavioral health.

Keep Communicating

It may feel like a cliché, but communication is really the key to maintaining a healthy relationship. You and your partner need to check in regularly, ensuring that you’re on the same page. Verbalize when you’re feeling frustrated, and encourage your partner to do the same.

Maintaining a constant flow of communication keeps everything on the table and builds trust with your partner.

Take Care of Yourself

When you neglect your own self-care, your exhaustion affects your partner. It’s important to prioritize your own needs when you’re in a long-term relationship. For example, make time for hobbies, schedule individual therapy, and take your anxiety medication.

These small steps will help you maintain your own mental health, so you can be a more supportive partner. And, of course, you want to give your partner the space they need to do the same. Some time apart is essential for all relationships.

Find Time for Fun

It’s easy to get stuck in the same routine with your partner, especially if you live together or have kids. Try to make time for fun where you can. Schedule weekly date nights, take a class together, or book a camping trip with friends. Any way to break out of your routine and try something new will help you feel close with your partner.

Support Each Other

When you commit to a long-term relationship, you’re committing to your partner’s growth. It’s important to support them through the ups and downs (and expect the same in return!). Remember, even when life feels monotonous, you want to help your partner become the best version of themself. Celebrate their victories, be there to encourage them, and lend a listening ear whenever possible.

Embrace Change

Your relationship isn’t going to stay the same over the years, and that’s okay. Don’t put pressure on your partner or yourself to fit an outdated mold. Life’s ups and downs will shape your relationship in different ways. Embracing these changes and supporting each other will help you stay close through life’s challenges.

The mental health professionals at SOL Mental Health are proud to support individuals through their relationship struggles. We offer individual counseling for adults, as well as other services, to encourage holistic well-being in and out of relationships. Our Denver counseling and coaching clinics also provide psychiatric services for a variety of mental health concerns.

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