How to Choose a Career Path when You’re a Couple Years into College

College sets the foundation for your future. And while some people have a career in sight from the get-go, others might take a few years to figure it out. It’s normal to feel a bit lost. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources, like mental health counseling services, to help you along the way. Here are some tips for choosing a career path when you’re already several years into college.

How to Pick a Career After College

Know Your Strengths

When exploring career paths, your strengths are a great place to start. Think about what attributes you bring to the table. You might have strong interpersonal skills or an ability to understand new technology, for example. Make a list of careers that require the types of skills that you have. While you might not have a lightbulb moment right away, you’ll get the wheels turning.

Consider Your Favorite Classes

You want to choose a career path that you enjoy. And your favorite college classes might be a clue. Whether you’re committed to a degree program or not, think about the courses that pique your interest. If you’re taking as many business classes as possible, for example, it might be worth exploring a career in business. You might even make indirect correlations. Enjoying your painting elective might be a hint that you’d thrive in a creative career.

Get Some Experience

If you’re between a few possible careers, it may be worth getting hands-on experience to find some direction. Apply for internships in one of the fields to start. Working in that environment will tell you whether the career is for you. If you don’t have time for an internship, set up meetings with professionals in those fields. You can then learn about the day-to-day work in roles you’re considering.

See a Counselor

Career exploration is stressful, so don’t hesitate to seek support. Individual counseling is a great resource to explore your interests while maintaining your mental health. Your counselor can talk you through big and small decisions, so you can make your career choice with mental clarity.

Try Group Counseling

If you want to talk through your life decisions with others, consider group counseling. Your therapist may be able to recommend a group for career exploration. One of the main benefits of group counseling is that you get the support you need alongside others going through the same struggles. You can empathize with your peers, share stories, and gain insight through group therapy activities.

Take The Pressure Off

Yes, it’s important to have some direction when you’re pursuing a degree. But you don’t need to have your entire life mapped out a few years into college. Trying to have it all figured out will heighten any anxiety that you’re already feeling. Start exploring your options and choose a career path that interests you. The rest will fall into place.

Looking for some guidance? The mental health counselors at SOL Mental Health are here to support you through life’s decisions and transitions. Our counseling solutions center on your holistic well-being. Through individual counseling, psychiatric services, and more, we strive to help you grow. Contact us today to get started.

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