6 Holistic Healing Ideas for Grief and Loss Recovery

Healing after loss can feel like an endless journey. But while life without your loved one can be full of ups and downs, there are some techniques to help you heal. Here are some holistic healing ideas to help you put your mental and behavioral health first as you grieve.

How to Recover from Grief

Acknowledge Your Emotions

Anger, sadness, guilt–grief comes with many complex emotions. And while your first instinct may be to hide from these emotions, running from them won’t serve you well in the long run. Mindfully acknowledging your emotions can help you work through your grief in a healthier way. When an uncomfortable feeling comes up, notice it and find a healthy outlet. This can mean journaling, taking a walk, talking to a friend, or even letting yourself cry.

Talk to a Therapist

Remember that you don’t need to work through your emotions on your own. Individual therapy can be a great resource for processing your grief, building coping strategies, and moving forward. Your therapist may also recommend group therapy activities to empathize with others and make meaningful connections. Counseling appointments provide a safe and confidential environment for you to be open about your struggles.

Connect With Loved Ones

Your friends and family members can be sources of support and joy throughout your healing process. While it can be difficult to lean on others, don’t hesitate to ask for help. This is true whether you need a momentary distraction or someone to talk to. Going shopping, talking over coffee, cooking together, or even just enjoying each other’s company can be the support you need on a dark day.

Set Boundaries

Boundaries are integral to any healing journey, so don’t be afraid to set them. These boundaries might look like declining an invitation when you’re not feeling up to it or stating that you don’t want to talk about your loss. You make the rules in your healing journey, but making these rules can be challenging. Your therapist can help you practice boundary setting and identify areas in your life where you might need a boundary.

Simplify Your Self Care

Basic self care often comes last when you’re dealing with loss. However, prioritizing your well being is essential. Remember that you don’t need to book spa days or buy lavish bath products to practice self care. Even just taking a shower, putting on your favorite outfit, or cooking yourself a healthy meal can be a self care victory while you’re healing. Try taking a walk in nature or re-reading your favorite book. These small moments of self care can make all the difference.

Accept Joy

After experiencing a loss, you might feel guilty for feeling joy from the good moments happening in your life. However, moments of joy will fuel you as you move forward. Work with your counselor to let go of this guilt and embrace joy when you can. Eventually, you’ll find yourself accepting joy more often and more readily.

If you’ve recently experienced a loss, the therapists at Sol Mental Health are here to help. Our compassionate team of mental health professionals offer specialty counseling services in a variety of areas. We design our Denver counseling solutions with a holistic approach, helping you grow and thrive. Contact us today to get started.

Does My Insurance Cover a Therapist at SOL Mental Health?

SOL Mental Health is partnered with several insurance providers to make our services more accessible to you. You can verify your insurance through our website before scheduling an appointment.

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