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Bipolar Disorder is not Easy to Diagnose. Here’s Why.

We Are Here to Provide Accurate Diagnoses What Is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that involves dramatic shifts in mood, from depressive lows to manic highs. It can be difficult to manage and, unfortunately, is also hard to diagnose. In...


3 Tips for Managing Holiday Stress and Anxiety

We Want to Help You Find Joy This Season! The holidays are often times to enjoy and share with loved ones. While it should be a happy time, that's not always the case. This time of year can also bring about a lot of stress and anxiety as there can be preparations for...


A Closer Look at ADHD

How Do Men and Women Experience ADHD Differently? ADD, and ADHD are often used interchangeably. Beyond that, men and women do not necessarily exhibit the same symptoms. This means that sometimes, women who may have these disorders can go undiagnosed. Let's take a...

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How Back to School Can Worsen Mental Health

Luckily, we can help! Going back to school can bring students a new set of mental health challenges. School can be stressful. It can be especially jarring to return to a structured educational environment post-summer. Let’s consider what to remember at the start of...


Denver Residents Face Long Wait Times for Psychiatric Care

SOL Mental Health Can Help We know that many people are struggling with their mental health. Thankfully, it has become less stigmatized these days to discuss. Recognizing the problem is, after all, the first step to receiving care. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be...

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How to Improve Mental Health Related to Job Anxiety

Take Care of YOU Changing jobs isn’t always easy, as it can be a difficult transitional period. Working is important in order to make a living, but it can sometimes come with stressors that can make things very challenging. We want everyone to be able to manage these...


How SAD Works in the Summer

Here’s what you should know. When you think of seasonal depression, you’re likely associating it with the winter time. While that is certainly one side of it, it’s not the whole picture. This condition is also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). More recently,...

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