How to Improve Mental Health Related to Job Anxiety

Take Care of YOU

Changing jobs isn’t always easy, as it can be a difficult transitional period. Working is important in order to make a living, but it can sometimes come with stressors that can make things very challenging. We want everyone to be able to manage these situations and realize when they need to make a change. Remember, it is always important to make yourself and your mental health a priority.

Job Insecurity

A change in occupation can also mean no longer having a job. It’s no surprise that the coronavirus pandemic has affected unemployment rates. Many people have had to work less hours, or even lost their jobs. This can put immense pressure on someone’s mental health—and not only for financial reasons. Work can provide people with a sense of purpose and structure, and when they no longer have a job, they run the risk of losing those feelings, which can be vital to quality mental health. Beyond that, loss of a job can lead to low self-esteem. The possibility of losing financial independence, motivation, and confidence in oneself means that job insecurity can have an enormous impact on the state of our mental health.

New Job Stressors

A new job can bring about a variety of stressors, as change often does. It can be difficult to enter into a new environment, leaving behind a place where you may have felt more comfortable. New job functions can also cause stress and anxiety. We all have to step out of our comfort zone sometimes, but it can be difficult to manage. Anxiety can also affect you physically, causing symptoms such as causing nausea, fatigue, restlessness, headaches, and more.

How to Manage Your Life Change

The good news is that these thoughts and fears are pretty common, and there are methods you can use to help you feel better. The physical symptoms, while unpleasant, can also help you recognize how you are feeling and decide to take action. Mindfulness is an important part of your mental health journey and can help you take the necessary steps to feel better. This can also include taking time out of your day to slow down and focus on your breathing. Another great way to manage new job anxiety is by practicing healthy habits, such as eating well, exercising, and maintaining a quality social life.

Remember, there are people you can talk to about how you are feeling, such as friends and family. Don’t be afraid to ask your boss and coworkers questions either—they are there to help!   Therapy is another fantastic option that can help ease stressors. We all need a support system, and your therapist can help you talk things through and provide you with methods to ease your anxiety.

We know that times are tough. That is why we offer a variety of mental health services, including career exploration. Your job is a huge part of your life, and we want you to be able to manage it and live a happy and healthy life. If you have been experiencing struggles in your career, or having difficulties in other areas of your mental health, reach out to us at SOL Mental Health. You deserve peace and happiness, and we want to help you get there.

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