How to Handle Your Anger When Feeling Disrespected

If you struggle to control your anger, disrespect might be a trigger for you. Feeling disrespected is embarrassing, frustrating, and hurtful. However, it’s important to keep your anger in check regardless. Here are some tips for handling your anger when you feel disrespected.

How to Not Get Angry When Being Disrespected

Step Away

Sometimes getting some space is the best step you can take for your mental and behavioral health. This is especially true when you’re feeling angry. When someone makes a disrespectful comment, try to excuse yourself from the situation and cool down.

If you’re in a situation where you can’t get away, like a work meeting, take a moment to think before speaking. Even a few breaths can be enough to deescalate a situation. You can then say something constructive in response, rather than letting your anger get the best of you.

Reframe the Situation

When someone disrespects you, it’s a reflection on them. It likely has nothing to do with you. Try to reframe the situation in your mind and remind yourself that you’re not at fault. Individual counseling can be a great tool for seeing frustrating situations in a new way. Your therapist will help you reframe disrespect in a more objective light.

Set a Boundary

Boundaries show the people around you how you deserve to be treated. Rather than expressing your anger, consider setting a boundary with the person who disrespected you. Simply saying, “Please don’t speak to me that way” or “I’m going to step outside for a moment” puts the control back in your hands.

It’s true that setting boundaries is easier said than done. If you aren’t able to set a boundary at that moment, consider speaking with the person at another time. This way, you can calmly express your concern once you’ve had time to think.

Talk to a Friend

If you’re dealing with a disrespectful co-worker or loved one, it can be helpful to get another perspective. Consider talking to a friend about the situation. They can provide some much-needed insight, reminding you that the individual is disrespecting you because of a personal issue. Your friend might also have some helpful tips for dealing with the situation.

See a Counselor

Out-of-control anger is often a symptom of behavioral health issues. A mental health counselor can help you work through your anger and provide coping techniques. The clinic may recommend speciality counseling, pairing you with a therapist who focuses on anger. Group counseling can also be helpful for challenging your thought patterns.

The mental health team at SOL Mental Health is proud to offer individual and group therapy for anger issues. Our counseling solutions take a holistic approach to behavioral health. We offer health coaching, yoga for mental health (in Colorado), and nutritional support on top of our therapy and psychiatry services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our providers.

Does My Insurance Cover a Therapist at SOL Mental Health?

SOL Mental Health is partnered with several insurance providers to make our services more accessible to you. You can verify your insurance through our website before scheduling an appointment.

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