How to Repair Your Relationship with Your Parents When You Disagree on Politics

Politics is always a touchy topic, but the past year may have made tensions worse in your circle. And this division can be especially challenging if you disagree with your parents. Fortunately, you don’t need to let these disagreements define your mental and behavioral health or your relationships with your loved ones. Here are some steps to repair your relationship with your parents when you disagree on politics.

Practice Active Listening

When you start discussing politics with your parents, you may end up talking over each other and raising your voices. The first step in healing your relationship is setting a foundation of respect. And this starts with listening. Practice active listening when your parents are presenting their options, and tell them that you expect the same in return. Simply pausing to truly listen to each other can ease tensions.

Stay Calm Through Disagreements

Disagreements may be a frequent occurrence if you disagree with your parents about politics. However, these disagreements don’t need to get heated. Protect your own mental state by trying to stay calm through these moments. Your counselor can provide some calming techniques at your next individual therapy appointment. These might include counting to five before you speak, focusing on your breath, and even incorporating humor.

Know When to Walk Away

Remember, sticking through a tough conversation isn’t worth sacrificing your mental health. You can always walk away. If the conversation with your parents feels too intense, simply tell them that you want to stop talking about the topic or need to take a break. Taking this space can be crucial to your relationship. You can either come back to the conversation when you’re ready or simply change the subject.

Set Boundaries

Boundaries are key to healthy relationships. When you disagree with your parents about politics, setting these boundaries can help you maintain civility between you. Some boundaries might include avoiding political discussions on social media, asking your parents not to bring up politics in front of your children, and staying away from political talk during family dinners. These types of boundaries leave room to talk about other topics so that you can feel close again.

Seek Support

Healing your relationship with your parents takes work, so don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Individual therapy with a behavioral health counselor can provide much-needed perspective on this topic. Your therapist can also help you develop tools to navigate these political conversations. Both individual and group therapy can be beneficial for anyone with family struggles, so ask your therapist if there are related group sessions that you could join.

Navigating family relationships can be tough, and the team at SOL Mental Health is here to support you. Our counseling and coaching services take a holistic approach to behavioral health, and we offer tailored behavioral health solutions based on your needs. Whether you’re struggling with a mental health condition or need support through one of life’s many challenges, contact us today. One of our providers will be in touch to set up a consultation.

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