Verify Your Insurance and Start Your Mental Health Journey

Once you’ve verified your insurance, surely you’ll want to get started on the path to better mental health. You can start researching multiple doctors, therapists, counselors, groups, and more, to decide what works best for your lifestyle and goals for your mental health journey.

How to Register with Insurance for Counseling

Oftentimes, we relate insurance to medical needs, like seeing the doctor for a physical, a minor injury, or when we’re sick. However, most insurances offer some form of coverage for mental health services, too. This can span from group therapy, to a one-on-one session with a psychiatrist. Insurance can also cover medications if prescribed, so using therapy and medication in conjunction with one another can be much more affordable than anticipated.

If you have employer-sponsored insurance, you can ask your HR representative how much is covered under your plan. They often vary from employer to employer, so it’s imperative to make sure you know what is covered. If you pay out-of-pocket for your insurance, the Affordable Health Care Act covers mental health services, so those who must provide their own insurance can take advantage of these services, too.

People with pre-existing conditions are often rejected from medical insurance coverage. However, mental health issues are not handled the exact same way. Because of legislation changes in the last 15 years or so, it’s mandatory that insurance companies cover mental health services, even if the carrier has a pre-existing mental health condition.

However, it’s important to remember that each plan covers different things, and you will want to ensure you’re on top of what your plan covers. Remember to also keep an eye out for legislation changes so that you’re not hit with bills unexpectedly.

This can be more difficult than you think. Therapists, counselors, and doctors accumulate significant student loan debt and their salaries don’t always allow them to keep up with the payments. To remedy this, they often don’t accept insurance. However, you can typically find a therapist or counselor who offers low-cost sessions. Finding a doctor may be more difficult since their credentials also make them more expensive, but you can at least engage in group counseling with a therapist or other holistic options for a reasonable price.

SOL Mental Health accepts most major insurances and offers low co-pays. We can assist you in the office or on our site to determine the best direction for you and your future. Whether you’re in the area, or just looking for helpful tips and different services, we can help.

Finding a facility that offers all branches of mental health services while accepting all major insurances is an excellent and unique option. This way, when you see someone at the facility, you can rest assured your insurance has been verified and you will be covered even if it’s your first session.

SOL Mental Health makes this even easier with our Verify Insurance tab on our homepage. Here, you can make sure we accept your insurance. Once verified, you can browse our services to see what fits your individual needs.

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