5 Signs It’s Time for Healthier Boundaries

Healthy boundaries within your relationships are a key part of your holistic care. Without them, it’s easy to feel anxious, overwhelmed, or resentful. Fortunately, you can regain control of your emotional health by strengthening your personal boundaries and sticking to them. If you’re wondering whether it’s time for healthier boundaries, look for these signs.

How to Tell if a Relationship Needs Better Boundaries

People with healthy boundaries typically stick to their personal values when faced with a choice. However, those with a lack of boundaries might compromise their values to please others. This could mean engaging in risky behavior even if you don’t want to or skipping a family event to spend time with a friend. Consistently ignoring your values can cause you to question your identity or simply feel drained. While it can be challenging to stick to your values and say “no,” doing so is an important part of having healthy boundaries.

If you lack healthy boundaries, you might feel like you’re constantly giving without getting much in return. It may also seem like your friends and family are taking advantage of you. These types of thoughts often lead to resentment, which can harm your relationships with the people you care about. It can be tricky to set boundaries once you’re already in the habit of giving. Individual counseling is a great resource for building boundaries and maintaining your relationships. Your therapist can help you practice boundary-setting conversations and find the root of your resentment.

While saying “no” certainly isn’t easy, it can be extra challenging for anyone who’s lacking boundaries. You might feel a deep sense of guilt or shame whenever you decline an invitation or say you don’t have time for extra work. So, you might avoid saying “no” as much as possible. Accepting every offer, invitation, and assignment can lead to stress and burnout over time, so it’s important to develop healthy boundaries with the people in your life.

If you’re feeling burnt out or overwhelmed, a lack of boundaries might be to blame. Individuals with few boundaries might take little to no time for themselves. Rather, they often put everyone’s needs above their own. Remember that self care is an essential part of your mental health. Behavioral healthcare services can help you recognize your own needs and carve out this essential time, so you can finally rest and recharge.

How often do you justify someone else’s harmful behavior? Without boundaries, you may be more likely to make excuses for how your friends, family members, and coworkers treat you. For example, you might allow your boss to yell at you if you know that they’ve been under stress lately. Clear boundaries can help you spot harmful behavior and talk to the person in a constructive way. This is another area where a therapist can provide helpful guidance and talking points.

Developing healthy boundaries is hard work, so the mental health professionals at SOL Mental Health are here to support you. From yoga for mental health to group counseling for anxiety, our set of services are designed for your holistic well being. Our professionals will recommend one or more of our counseling solutions based on your unique behavioral health needs. Contact us today to get started.

Does my insurance cover a therapist at SOL Mental Health?

SOL Mental Health is partnered with several insurance providers to make our services more accessible to you. You can verify your insurance through our website before scheduling an appointment.

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