Fahimir Jean-Baptiste

Psychiatric Clinician
Wall St and Midtown East, NYC
Hofstra-Northwell School of Graduate Nursing | Doctorate of Science in Nursing
Session Type


Anger Management

Anxiety Disorder

Bipolar Spectrum

Depressive Disorder


Trauma (including PTSD)

My approach to care:

As a psychiatrist and mental health nurse practitioner, I am deeply passionate about providing comprehensive and compassionate care to individuals struggling with mental health disorders. With a background in psychiatry and advanced training in nursing, I have dedicated my career to helping individuals achieve optimal mental wellness and quality of life. My commitment to evidence-based practice, coupled with a holistic approach to treatment, allows me to address the complex needs of my patients. Whether through medication management, psychotherapy, or patient education, I strive to empower individuals on their journey toward recovery and resilience. Each day, I am inspired by the resilience and courage of my patients as we work together to navigate the challenges of mental illness and foster hope for a brighter future.

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