Summer Johnke, LMSW

summer johnke

Summer Johnke, LMSW, graduated with a Masters of Social Work from Columbia University. Summer takes an integrative approach to therapy that draws from evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral modalities. Summer’s past clinical experience includes providing counseling in English, Spanish, and French to individuals coming from diverse cultural backgrounds with a focus on treating trauma and PTSD. Summer’s approach to therapy is culturally-sensitive, trauma-informed, and strengths-based. This flexible approach places each individual and their unique needs, preferences, identities, and culture at the center of every session. Summer is also a certified yoga instructor and weaves elements of somatic and mindfulness-based therapies into her practice. Above all, unconditional positive regard and a strong therapeutic alliance serve as the foundations for Summer’s practice. She seeks to meet each individual where they are at with radical acceptance, compassion, and an unwavering optimism in people’s potential to heal and transform.


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March 21, 2023