Robert Bond, Psychotherapist

Robert Bond


Robert’s goal is to help you find connection, healing, peace, and wholeness in the rhythms of your daily life. As a Licensed Social Worker, he has spent years serving youth, families, and individuals of all kinds with a trauma-informed approach to life as a whole. Anxiety, depression, addiction, family conflicts, trauma, and the challenges of daily life are struggles we all deal with and Robert’s goal is to partner with you on your journey. His passion is to create a safe space for each person to be themselves and align their life with their personal values.

Robert’s approach to counseling draws from the basics of Mindfulness Techniques and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, rooted in Systems Theory. He strives to empower each client to find their next right step for this chapter of their story. Your treatment goals are unique to you and it is his goal to empower you to lead the most successful story you can through this season and the next.


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March 16, 2023

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