Amanda Cerini, Psychotherapist



I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (LPCC), specializing in Transpersonal Art Therapy. What does that mean? It means let’s work together to utilize art as a tool for self discovery, introspection, and ultimately healing!

Employing a Client-Centered approach during our time together ensures that you are the director of your own therapeutic journey. A Client-Centered therapeutic approach promotes autonomy and self-efficacy throughout the therapeutic process. Whether you are concerned with career development, issues of mental health, or trauma processing, I am here to assist you in a non-judgmental fashion.

My unique background as a social justice-oriented clinician means that I think critically of how broader contexts have not only shaped my client’s lived experience, but continue to affect it. I work diligently to create a therapeutic environment that encourages compassion, inclusive interpersonal communication, and safety. As a mixed-race member of the queer community, I hold cultural humility and intersectionality as integral aspects of my practice.

If you are seeking a supportive, dynamic approach to navigating your mental health, I’m here to assist you along the way!


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March 15, 2023

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