Notes on MD to DC switch


  • Conditional 4 banners at top remain (the ones that say ‘see new providers, DC metro coming soon, etc.)
  • Conditional Privia menu remains. Note: They are different for TX and DC, so we still need 2 different ones.
  • Main nav bar can be reduced to 1, because the page structure is now almost identical across all 4 states. I just need a way to hide things from the menu depending on the state. (I’m assuming a css class that I can add to the menu item is the best approach here.) This will allow for me to do things like keep state-specific patient portal links in the nav bar.
  • I have reduced the nav bar to 1 in this template and removed its state-specific CSS ID and Class.


  • Privia footer remains for DC and TX. In this case, they are identical because they just link to general Privia info, as opposed to the top Privia banner that has state-specific links.
  • Brown footer could go either way here. The only thing that’s changing is the phone number. Perhaps the best move is one universal footer but with 4 different state-specific phone number buttons?
  • I have reduced the footer to 1 in this template and removed its state-specific CSS ID and Class, and put all 4 phone number buttons in it.

General notes on the project

  • Change MD to DC in cookie, state selector initial pop-up, and nav bar state selector
  • DC inherits MD Privia rules
  • Change MD to DC in GF to SF plugin, including “Market” field that sends to Salesforce
  • Change “md-item” to “dc-item” in the CSS ID/shortcode for hiding/showing different elements on the page (I know that this isn’t best practice. I’m still on the fence on whether re-doing how this works is the right move though.)
  • Change DC to MD in Provider search tool (DC will inherit all MD locations and providers, plus add new ones)