Cessar Scott

Lead Psychiatrist
DMV Region
Howard University Hospital, Psychiatry Residency- Department of Psychiatry
Session Type
My approach to care:

Dr. Scott is a dedicated and compassionate psychiatrist with a deep commitment to helping patients gain a better understanding of mental health and best practices to address confidential topics and navigate challenges where one may feel vulnerable or taboo to discuss. With a wealth of experience working inpatient and outpatient settings, Dr. Scott utilizes a biopsychosocial model to differentiate the need and benefits for psychopharmacological intervention, psychotherapy, as well as referred medical consultations when applicable.
Working in collaboration with clinical providers, therapist, and the client, the goal is to alleviate symptoms and provide a comprehensive treatment model to further prevent the reoccurrence of illness. Outside of his professional life, Dr. Scott enjoys spending time with his wife and friends attending jazz venues, skiing, and traveling to obtain a global perspective and better appreciation of other cultures.

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