Tatum Reuss, Psychiatric Clinician



Tatum Reuss completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she majored in Biology and was also a Division One Athlete and played on the Women’s soccer team.

She then worked in Clinical Research and was a coordinator in many clinical trials including psychiatry, Alzheimer’s, Women’s health and many others. She then attended Chapman University and achieved her Master’s in Medical Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies. Tatum continues to educate herself in the evolving field of psychiatry including the research being done in clinical trials. Tatum will be working with a variety of patients and employs a patient-centered approach that considers the overall health and wellbeing of each patient. She considers treating the whole patient and emphasizes the importance of the patient being involved in their treatment plan and making informed decisions.

She believes every treatment plan needs to be individualized to the patient’s own personal goals fixed with evidence based-research and combining both psychopharmacotherapy and psychotherapy to achieve optimal results for each patient.



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March 15, 2023

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