Grant Hilary Brenner, Chief Medical Officer

Grant Brenner


Grant Hilary Brenner, MD, DFAPA is a board-certified physician, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, author, and speaker based in Manhattan, as well as Chief Medical Officer for The Collective.

Dr Brenner completed psychiatric training in New York City and started his private practice while engaging in non-profit disaster mental health work. Dr. Brenner formed Neighborhood Psychiatry (an affiliation of the Collective) in 2014 and designed the practice to give warm, humanistic, and ample care to patients.

Dr Brenner brings two decades of consultation, workshops, speaking engagements, therapy, teaching and coaching to his clients, who range from individuals seeking to overcome emotional obstacles to leaders seeking to function better in the workplace. He emphasizes a humanistic and integrative perspective, working flexibly and creatively to tailor care. Dr Brenner is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and a Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine. He is on faculty at the Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital, former Director of Trauma Service at the William Alanson White Institute, Co Chair of Vibrant Emotional Health’s Crisis and Emotional Care Team Advisory Board, and Co Chair of the Disasters, Trauma and Global Health Committee of the Group for Advancement of Psychiatry.

Dr Brenner is co author of Irrelationship How We Use Dysfunctional Relationships to Hide from Intimacy Relationship Sanity The Art of Creating Healthy Relationships and the recent sequel Making Your Crazy Work for You From Trauma and Isolation to Self Acceptance and Love.


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March 15, 2023

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