Colorado Medical Director

Dr. Elizabeth Ssemanda is a highly accomplished Board-certified Psychiatrist and Colorado Medical Director for The Collective. She has attained esteemed degrees, including: a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University; a Doctorate in Medicine and Masters in Medical Science from Brown University; and Clinical Trials Epidemiology -Doctorate in Philosophy from the Johns Hopkins School of Bloomberg Public Health. Dr. Ssemanda has also served as an instructor at the Neuropsychiatric Center in Houston, teaching medical students and residents clinical skills, while at the University of Michigan she conducted grand rounds lectures on both child and adult psychiatry topics.

She is an avid supporter of evidence-based medicine and its practices. To expand her knowledge in this field, she joined the Cochrane Collaboration as a methodologist. In this role, she researched and wrote systematic reviews that synthesize medical data to help practitioners create more informed treatment decisions.

Dr. Ssemanda is dedicated to improving the physical, mental, and emotional health of her patients by providing them with effective care. Furthermore, her work focuses on addressing burnout and mental health crises in America. With an impressive amount of experience from community mental health centers to group practices to crisis centers, Dr. Ssemanda has exhibited a consistent commitment to promoting mental well-being. Her current position at Brainz magazine as an executive contributor emphasizes advancing education about matters concerning mental health and wellness.


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March 15, 2023

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