A Healthy Way to View New Year’s Resolutions

It Doesn’t Need to Be Stressful!

We’re one month into 2023, and many people may be sticking to their New Year’s resolutions – or considering ditching them. New Year’s resolutions are a great way to start making healthy changes and choices in our lives. Sometimes, though, they can be stressful to tackle, causing people to feel bad when they struggle. So today, we are going to examine resolution fatigue and look at how you can overcome it.

Make a Plan

Plans can be highly beneficial when it comes to getting something done. We discussed this in our recent blog post, 3 Tips for Managing Holiday Stress and Anxiety. Utilize your phone, journal, planner, or anything along those lines to map out your goals, and create a plan for tackling them. Resolutions are fantastic, but they don’t happen magically. By creating a plan, you can figure out an efficient and less intimidating way to achieve your goals.

Practice Positive Thinking

A positive mindset can be mighty. Think of your New Year’s resolutions as something you want to do rather than something you are being forced to do. Although they may not always be easy, know that their achievement will make your life happier. Remember the benefits of these resolutions instead of focusing on how they’ll make your life more difficult. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but by adopting a positive mindset, you may find that your goals aren’t as stressful as they once seemed.

Don’t Give Up

None of us are perfect. It’s normal to struggle and experience failures, but that doesn’t mean you should quit. If you are experiencing difficulties with your goals, keep working on them. We all know the phrase, “Get back on the horse.” Failure is how we learn and grow, so take your failures as learning experiences, and remember to keep going. Be kind to yourself, and don’t admit defeat.

Find a Friend

It’s helpful to know you’re not alone. If you find someone you can work on your resolutions with, it may make things a lot easier for you. Hold each other accountable, motivate each other, and work together! The support you can receive and give to others is one of the most beautiful things about human connection.

While we can make lifestyle improvements at any point in the year, the New Year brings about an extra special feeling of renewal. Attacking your resolutions isn’t always easy, and that’s okay. However, when you make a plan, have a positive attitude, keep trying, and work together, you may increase your chances of accomplishing your goals and minimize fatigue. If you are struggling with resolution fatigue or your mental health in general, reach out to us at SOL Mental Health. We have multiple locations, as well as virtual treatment options, to serve our community. As always, we are here for you on your journey to become your best and happiest self.

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